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         Barnamala Educational and Cultural Society

                                                 Registration. No. S/1L/31091 of 2005-2006 dated 8th August, 2005

Home ;-
Barnamala Educational and Cultural Society is a Non profit,Non Poltical,Non Governmental Organisation. Establish on 2005. The Society Registered on 8th August 2005 under West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961.Registered Address:- Puratanbazar, Kaushallya, Kharagpur, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, Pin:-721301. Corresponding Address:- Madanmohan, Changual, Kharagpur local, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, Pin:-721301
Vision:-To evolve a pragmatic strategy in ensuring better lives for humanity at large.
To inculcate self building potential among the poor and marginal.
To encourage peopls' movement for their emancipation.
To create a direct for peoplein participatory development.
To epitomize women a sense of belonging in the mainstream of social life.
Mission:- Barnamala Educational and Cultural Society conceives the mission to thrive away gender inequality and economic deprivations of the poorest of the poor by balancing growth pattern between haves and have nots.
Core Values:- We shall always endevour to achieve and reflect compassion,commitment, service,dicipline, integrity, accountability, transparency in all our activities and actions.
 Working Area:- Paschim Medinipur District of West Bengal.
Clientele:-The Scheduled Castes, Dalits, Scheduled Tribes, Lodhas,other ethnic groups , other backward classes, landless tillers, marginal farmers, the women, the children, the aged, the destitute, the disable and the animals.
Legal Status:- Society Registered under West Bengal Societies Registraton Act 1961. Registratin No:- S/1L/31091 Dated- 8th August 2005.
Registered under Foreign contribution regulation Act 2010.
FCRA No:-147040592 Dated:- 26th August 2011, Vailidity up to 31st October 2021
TAN No:- CALB16852D
NGO Pertnership Unique Id:- WB/2010/0033883
Registered Under Income Tax u/s 12AA & 80GG
Member of Voluntery Action Network India
Registered with Guide Star India GSN No:-2077
Affilited by NYK
Promotion Objective;-
To serve the Animals.
To make the people conscious on their need, present economic policy and to capacitate them in the process of development intervention.
To mobilize Dalit, the S.C. and the S.T. to access their rights to decent living.
To facilitate the women to have decanal access to resources, democratic structure along with the men at all levels of the society to ensure gender justice and eternality.
To enhance and upgrade the skill of the people specially the marginalized, dalit men and women to generate income and achieve sustainable livelihood without disturbing the bio-diversity and environment.
To develop system  for community health emphasizing on unconventional health practices, health education, women and child health, rural sanitation, water and hygiene.
To energy size youth power for changing present socio economic scenario of the society through various socio- cultural and economic interventions
Agarwal Mitesh & Co.
Chartered Accountant
Chandni Chowk, P.O.-Kharagpur, Dist:- Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, Pin:-721301
M.O:-09932730185 / 09333190040

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